Picture Perfect Pins #22 – Insta faves

Het is weer zondag, dus dat betekend dat wij weer de mooiste bookstagram pareltjes voor je op een rijtje hebben gezet! Op dit moment ben ik (Kelly) onderweg naar Amsterdam, voor de bloggers lunch met Mirjam Hildebrand waar we het gaan hebben over haar nieuwe YA boek Voorlopers die 15 juni uitkomt! Het klinkt heel veel belovend, dus ik ben benieuwd…

Maar goed. Foto’s. Hier komen ze!

📚#Boekreview . Het zwarte hart – Stephanie Garber ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ . Wat een meeslepend boek was dit! Vanaf het eerste hoofdstuk was ik volledig geïnvesteerd in het wel en wee van de twee zusjes waarom het verhaal draait. Ik ben vol ontzag over de fantastische, grimmige wereld die Stephanie Garber heeft gecreëerd in dit boek. . Ik werd door de auteur meer dan eens in de maling genomen; dacht ik dat het verhaal een kant op ging… nam het plots een totaal andere wending! I loved it! Het deed me heel sterk denken aan een van mijn lievelingsfilms; Labyrinth (met David Bowie). . Lezers die houden van zwijmelen – a.k.a. me – komen ook absoluut aan hun trekken in dit boek. Het is gewoon een ideaal totaalplaatje; romantiek, avontuur, een queeste, gevaar, loyaliteit. Aaah, gewoon te veel om op te noemen. . Wie van jullie heeft dit boek ook al gelezen? En wat vond je ervan? . . . . . #stephaniegarber #hetzwartehart #caraval #bookreview #bookrecommendation #lezen

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"Knowing the truth is not always a kindness." – Rosamund Hodge • Question: Would you want to know the truth, at any cost, even if it was painful to hear? 🎤 I'm a big believer of the truth. Obviously I do tell lies sometimes, because we all do, especially when we lie by omission, but I do try to be truthful as often as I can. I always think it's better to know the truth because then your actions and decisions can have a real basis. • • • #bookstgram #bookstagramer #goodreads #bibliophile #bookworm #booklove #books #bookstagramfeature #fiercefeatures #yalit #booknerd #bookaddict #bookish #igreads #bookphotograhy #reading #bookaholic #bookporn #ilovebooks #bookreader #book #cruelbeauty #rosamondhodge #bookcover #beautyandthebeast #retelling #fairylights #bluelovesbookishmay #coverbuy #batb

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The week is nearly ended and I will have little time to read this weekend but I'm okay with that. The fear of exams is bigger😂. Just few minutes ago – her is past 11 p.m. – I finished a project for tomorrow. . #bookishearworms LOYALTY ↣ Jules loyalty to Arsinoe and Akiva's brothers is one of the most truthful I've read about. . #frenchiefantasymay VILLIAN #maasholemay EVIL KINGS AND QUEENS #watermelanerdsmay F as FUCKED UP WORLD ↣ Really, I was mad at TDC way of reign and at Joram too. I would have gladly burn everything and start anew, which happened in one book 😂. . #bookreadhappyhour MADE UP LANGUAGE AND MAP . . . #book #mappedbooks #openbook #books #booklover #booklove #bookphoto #bookish #bibliophile #booknerd #booknerdigans #totalbooknerd #bookshimmy #alwaysreading #instabook #bookgeek #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #reader #reading #yabook #yareader

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Happy Thursday! It's getting so hot out and it feels so good, but I'm starting to miss the winter 🙈sometime about feeling sweaty all the time just brought back a whole bunch of bad memories. But the heat is great so I guess it's not all that bad . QOTD: Do you prefer hot or cold? . 🦅 Tags! @pixylate_27 tagged me for the #20factsaboutme Thanks! ❤ . [1] So far, I've been to 3 different school for the first 3 years of my high school life. (Hopefully I won't move again) [2] I'm an introverted introvert and have trouble speaking to people unless I'm super comfortable around them and can relate to them [3] I have a habit of laughing too much if I talk to people 😬🙈I think it's a way for me to cope with the awkwardness (aka me) 🙈 [4] I play with my hair a lot [5] I have bad vision and have needed glasses since I was 4 🤓 [6] I love reading (duh) and writing [7] I love watching anime 😍 Especially the darker ones like Psycho Pass [8] Harry Potter nerd here 🦅 [9] I find I communicate better through writing than verbally. (I make more sense too) 😅 [10] I play League of Legends ✌️(that's like the only game I play though 😂) [11] Ahri main 😋and Lux is my second [12] my favourite colour is blue [13] my favourite food is noodles (and I so dearly miss eating Singaporean food) 🤤 [14] I'm a Christian and grew up with a Christian family [15] I prefer shorts to skirts and converse to heels [16] I've wanted a dog ever since I was a kid but never got one 😭 [17] I can play guitar and piano and clarinet [18] Um… I'm running out of things to say (my life isn't the most interesting one) [19] I'm on Wattpad! [20] I love being in the Bookstagram community ❤ . Tagging the ones above! Feel free to do this even if you aren't tagged!

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Zo, en dan nog wat foto’s uit onze eigen doos:

We wish you a happy sunday!

Manon & Kelly

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